Welcome Reception: Jammin’ on the Bayou

Invitation to participate in our opening night welcome reception “Jammin’ on the Bayou”

Who doesn’t enjoy music? In the Big Easy (i.e. New Orleans) music is the spice of life. Folks here love their music – either playing it, or observing and listening to it being played. At AMCIS2018, we’re offering the opportunity for a ‘jam session’ where attendees who are musicians (or aspiring musicians) can come and sit in and play music. Such open mic / jam sessions are commonplace, and are a lot of fun.  To this end, a local Louisiana band – Rockin’ Rouge – will open the jam session playing one set and then the stage will be open for anyone who wants to jam. The event will be MC’d by Rudy Hirschheim – one of the AMCIS2018 Co-Chairs. Rockin’ Rouge is Rudy’s cover band and they will ‘set the scene’ for the jammers. Those who want to join in should let Rudy know (preferably prior to the event). Let him know that you’d like to participate on stage and what you play / sing so we could ensure we have the appropriate gear. His email address is:  rudy@lsu.edu.

Rockin’ Rouge will have instruments such as guitars, basses, drums, tenor and alto sax, amps, microphones, monitors and a PA system (i.e. the backline) so jammers don’t need to bring anything unless they play an instrument not in the Rockin’ Rouge arsenal or would prefer to bring and play their own instrument. Jammers are welcome to use the Rockin’ Rouge gear. Rockin’ Rouge also has three singers who can help out with vocals.