AMCIS 2018 Social Media Kit

Help promote AMCIS 2018 through various electronic communications, including social media and email. Below are some helpful tips to promote the event, potential images you are free to use, and sample verbiage. Please don’t feel obligated to use the exact language below, as they are simply meant to be helpful guides as you promote the event.

Update your Facebook Profile

Add AMCIS 2018 to your Facebook profile!

  • Visit
  • Search “AMCIS 2018” and select the AMCIS 2018 Frame.
  • Select the amount of time you would like the frame to appear on your profile picture (through the end of AMCIS, ideally).
  • Click “Use as Profile Picture”
Facebook Messages
Twitter Messages

The official AMCIS 2018 hashtag is #AMCIS2018, however other hashtags can and should be utilized to help promote the event. For example, #DigitalDisruption #AMCISinNOLA #informationsystems

Email Signatures

The following signatures can easily be added to your email correspondence. Simply right click and save one of the images to your desk and follow the instructions below to insert and link to your email.