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Poster Number Track-Final Title Contact Author
001 Accounting IS ERP System Implementation and Sustainability Performance Rating and Reputation Simmonds, Daphne
002 Accounting IS Internal Audit Function (IAF)’s Competencies and Cybersecurity Audit Islam, Md Shariful
003 Accounting IS Go Tell It on the Internet: Twitter Effects on Expectations Management Nabity, Teagen
004 Adoption Diffusion Connected Homes and Online Retail: The Case of IoT Enabled Online Shopping Baswani, Siddharth
005 Adoption Diffusion The Role of Media on User Satisfaction with City Cultural Digital Stories: A Case Study Nosrati, Fariba
006 Adoption Diffusion The Strategic Decision on Mobile Payment: A Study on Merchants’ Adoption Li, Yang
007 Adoption Diffusion Toward a Gamified Mobile Application to Improve Eco-Driving: A Design and Evaluation Approach Degirmenci, Kenan
008 Adoption Diffusion Examining the Role of Individuals’ Need for Online Social Interactions and Interpersonal Incompetence in Game Addiction Bhagat, Sarbottam
009 Adoption Diffusion Operationalizing Cultural Differences in the Use of New Media Technology Loebbecke, Claudia
010 Adoption Diffusion Enterprise Digital Nudging: Between adoption gain and unintended rejection Kissmer, Tobias
011 Adoption Diffusion Perceived IT Ambiguity: Development of a Measurement Instrument PILLET, Jean-Charles
012 Adoption Diffusion Understanding the Effect of Trust, Familiarity and Uncertainty on Use Airbnb LEI, Chun Fong
013 Adoption Diffusion Obstacles to Adopting Speech Recognition in Emergency Services Solutions Strobel, Michael
014 Advances in IS (General) Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): An Introduction to the Novel Funding Mechanism Based on Blockchain Technology Chanson, Mathieu
015 Advances in IS (General) Smartphone Addiction and Cognitive Performance of College Students Ning, Weihong
016 Advances in IS (General) Individual Creativity Towards Technology Business Incubator Performance Binsawad, Muhammad
017 Advances in IS (General) FinCare – A Digital Spending Conscience or “Do you really need a flamethrower?” Kuhlmann, Michel
018 Advances in IS (General) Text Analytics for Employee Dissatisfaction in Human Resources Management Goldberg, David
019 Advances in IS (General) The Development of a Multidimensional Engagement Measure de Vreede, GJ
020 Advances in IS (General) Mechanical Turk and Financial Dependency on Crowdsourcing Eric, Bogert
021 Advances in IS (General) Information Avoidance in Requirements Determination for Systems Development Bina, Saman
022 Advances in IS (General) Ethical and Moral Issues with AI Wang, Weiyu
023 Advances in IS (General) The Impact of BYOD Use on Employees’ Proactive Behaviors: A Job Crafting Perspective Wang, Weian
024 Advances in IS (General) Signaling your Religion: How Strength of Religious Identity Presentation over Social Media Effects Hireability Assessments Esposito, Marie
025 Analysis Design Feasibility of Blockchain Applications Kaul, Mala
026 Culture in IS A Study of News Credibility and Trust on Social Media – A Multi-Cultural Evaluation Hazarika, Bidyut
027 Culture in IS Incorporating Culture into The Theory of IT Affordances Rico, Jobany
028 Culture in IS Electronic Performance Monitoring Friend or Foe: Empowering Employees through Data Analytics Sherif, Karma
029 Culture in IS A Recommender System for Cultural Restaurants Based on Review Factors and Review Sentiment Zhang, Sonya
030 Data Science Cyber-rumor Sharing: The Case of Zika Virus Vemprala, Naga Sainarayana
031 Data Science Decision Support to Business Intelligence and Big Data Gerhart, Natalie
032 Data Science The IT Department’s Role in Enabling Business Value from Business Analytics Koelbl, Michael
033 Data Science The Impact of Social Media on Ventures´ Success Qi, Kangkang
034 Data Science Trolls and Social Movement Participation: An Empirical Investigation Bharati, Pratyush
035 Data Science Legality and Ethics of Web Scraping Krotov, Vlad
036 Data Science The role of feedforward-enabled analytics in improving decision quality: a field study Schuff, David
037 Data Science Exploit Social Relations in Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Content for Disaster Management Shivarkar, Pratik
038 Data Science A Comparison of Sentiment Analysis Tools Turetken, Ozgur
039 Data Science Changing Brand Attitudes through Influencer Marketing Liang, Yuyang
040 Data Science Using analytics to gain insights into the cryptocurrency market Wang, Xuan
041 Data Science Course Offering Support System Claypool, Christopher
042 Data Science Machine Learning Classifiers for Predicting Transit Fraud Claiborne, Jerry
043 Data Science Bi-modal Network Relationships in Online Health Networks Venkatesan, Srikanth
044 Data Science A Framework of AR-Enabled GIS Affordances for Disaster Response Soliman, Moataz
045 Data Science How Loud is the Scream of a Clickstream? Insights from Big Data Analysis Bhandari, Gokul
046 Digital Agility Product Lifecycle Management System and NPD Performance: The Role of Coordination Capability and Organizational Ambidexterity TAI, YI-MING
047 Digital Agility The Role of Service Standardization Capability in Service Innovation: Evidence from the Knowledge-Intensive Service Firms Song, Jaeki
048 eBusiness Reputation in Repeated Pay-to-Bid Auctions Wu, Anqi
049 eBusiness Content Snacking and Pricing in Mobile Channels Zhao, Xia
050 eBusiness The Impact of Performance-Contingent Monetary Incentives on User-Generated Content Contribution Yu, Yinan
051 eBusiness Understanding Online Produce Cue Effects on Consumer Behavior: Evidence from EEG Data Wu, Ya-Ling
052 eBusiness Why Does Investment Experience Matter in Herding Rationality in P2P Lending? Li, Chi Hon
053 eBusiness Exploring an individual’s commitment toward the social network sites Huang, Hsin-Yi
054 eBusiness A Test of Search-Experience-Credence Framework Through Online Review WAN, Yun
055 eBusiness Examining the Determinants of Valuable Customer Experiences in O2O Commerce Contexts Hsieh, Yen-Hao
056 Education Using Experiential Learning to Effectively Inform People About Web Privacy Risks Ernst, Claus-Peter H.
057 Education Driving Relevance into the Introductory Information Systems Course McGuire, Carol
058 Education Mendix as a solution for present gaps in Computer Programming in Higher Education Litman, Michael
059 Education A Problem-Solving Based Approach to Teaching Database Design Singh, Anil
060 Education What-if Model Games in Excel Garrett, Nathan
061 Education ‘Doing Good Matters’: The Role of Problem Context in Improving Programming Projects Dissanayake, Indika
062 Education Use and Influence of Social Media in Higher Education Institutions in Cameroon Kala Kamdjoug, Jean Robert
063 Education An In-depth Analysis of Careers in Data Science: A K-Means Clustering Approach Church, Mitchell
064 Education Go Back to Your Room: Designing a Scalable In-Class Required College Course. Piccoli, Gabriele
065 Education Advantage of Simulation in Online Project Management Education Reed, April
066 Education The Effect of Perceived Innovativeness of Student Response Systems (SRSs) on Classroom Engagement Mamun, Md Rasel Al
067 eGovernment Mobile Government Adoption: Citizen-Centric Approach Alomari, Mohammad Kamel
068 Global Dev Using Signaling Theory to Understand the Impact of Information Disclosure on Online Collaborative Consumption Wang, Sin-Jie
069 Global Dev ICT4D: Exploring Emergent Themes Bhadauria, Vikram
070 Global Dev Decision-making participation and locus of control among military MIS managers in Poland Ziobrowska, Monika
071 Green IS Processing Electric Vehicle Charging Transactions in a Blockchain-based Information System Kirpes, Benedikt
072 HCI Privacy Assurances and Information Sensitivity on the Intention to Disclose Lopez, Oscar
073 HCI Understanding user interactions with a chatbot: a self-determination theory approach Nguyen, Quynh
074 HCI Prediction Tool for Consumer Decision Making in E-Commerce: Exploring “If not” type of Explanation Facilities on Trust Jiang, Lianlian
075 HCI The Role of Mental Factors for the Design of a Virtual Memory Palace Huttner, Jan-Paul
076 HCI Designing User Interfaces for Ecological Momentary Assessments for Superior User Engagement: A Theory Driven Approach Sengupta, Avijit
077 HCI Neural Correlates of Flow Experience Nah, Fiona
078 Health The effects of perceived health status on privacy concerns and opt-in intention toward Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) Esmaeilzadeh, Pouyan
079 Health An Examination of Risk Perceptions and Protected Health Information Disclosure Intentions: A Construal Level Theory Perspective Singh, Tripti
082 Health The Role of Security Beliefs in the Use of Personal Health Records (PHR) Abdelhamid, Mohamed
083 Health Healthcare Hyperchain: Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Value Chain Woodside, Joseph M
084 Health Balancing Workload and Care Communication Costs in Nurse Patient Assignment Jiang, Haoqiang
085 Health Why Lie?: Deception of Health Information Miller, Andrew S.
086 Health Factors Influencing Physician´s Well-being Management within the Mobile Health Context: A Scoping Review Chen, Shuqing
087 Health Exploring Ethical Design Dimensions of a Physiotherapeutic mHealth Solution through Value Sensitive Design Mueller, Marius
088 Health Digital Transformation Strategies for Healthcare Providers: Perspectives from Senior Leadership Ghosh, Kaushik
089 Health Designing Incentive-Pricing Mechanisms to Promote Health Information Exchange eftekhari, saeede
090 Health Using Twitter to Predict County-Level Cancer Mortality: Five Stages of Grief Framework Ivanov, Anton
091 IT Proj Mgmt Leveraging DevOps for mission critical software Gall, Michael
092 IT Proj Mgmt In search of project leadership principles for navigating the complexity of IT projects Mikkelsen, Mogens
093 IT Proj Mgmt IT and Knowledge in Teams: A Longitudinal Study Nikkhah, Hamid Reza
094 IT Proj Mgmt Guilt Appeals and Information Security Policy Compliance Kim, Jonathan
095 IT Proj Mgmt Exploring Project Management Methodologies Used Within Data Science Teams saltz, jeff
096 LACAIS Quality of Tests in Virtual Learning Environments: a Study Based on Classical Test Theory and Facility and Discrimination Indexes Mantovani, Daielly M N
097 LACAIS From Signs to Insights: the Moderating Role of the Absorptive Capacity between Strategic Foresight and the Firm’s Sustainability Zaidan, Yuri
098 Meta Research Nomological Networks in IS Research Belkhamza, Zakariya
099 Openness Examining Determinants of Controls in Open Source Software Development Cai, Yuanfeng
100 Openness Assessing Open Source Project Health Link, Georg
101 Openness Shared Design: Design Discourse in Open Source Software Communities Lumbard, Kevin
102 Openness Measuring Open Source Software Impact Ahuja, Vinod
103 Org Trasfm Agile Process Consultation  ‚Äì An Applied Psychology Approach to Agility Gren, Lucas
104 Org Trasfm Blockchain Technology Impacting Property Rights and Transaction Cost Regimes Loebbecke, Claudia
105 Org Trasfm Effects of ‘Fit’ on Email Overload Tarafdar, Monideepa
106 Org Trasfm Toward a Conceptual Decision Framework for Shadow IT Integration Huber, Melanie
107 Philosophy Blockchain Economic Networks and Algorithmic Trust Swan, Melanie
108 Replication Research A review of the IS strategic alignment literature: A replication study Carte, Traci
109 Security The Effect of Values on Hacker Participation Volume in Online Communities Booth, Ruby
110 Security Spillover of Information Security Incidents’ Impact: The Moderating Role of Social Networks and IT Lee, Joonghee
111 Security Exploring the Impact of Information Security Practices on Competitive Advantage Kosutic, Dejan
112 Security A Framework for Creating Secure and Memorable Passwords McNeil, Martha
113 Security Behind Cyber Doors: Securing the Internet of Self Nehme, Alaa
114 Security Towards a Development of Cybersecurity Risk-Responsibility Taxonomy of Small Enterprises for Data Breach Risk Mitigation Davis, Keiona
115 Security Framework to explain factors affecting severity of exposure of medical data breach: a statistical analysis Pal, Shounak
116 Security Intelligent Home Assistant Use in the Home Environment Crossler, Robert E.
117 Security The Mediating Role of Psychological Ownership in Increasing Information Security Stewardship Behaviors Ogbanufe, Obi
118 Security The Misunderstood Link: Information Security Training Strategy Torres, Henry
119 Security Blame Distribution Following Information Security Breaches Miller, Andrew S.
120 Security Mobile Applications Security: Role of Privacy Nikkhah, Hamid Reza
121 Security Assessing Fraud Risks in IT Security Jiang, Randi
122 Security Security Violation Prevention; CPTED in the context of information Security Farshadkhah, Sahar
123 Security Benchmarking Methodology Development for Establishing Information System Security Policy: A Design Science Approach Kang, Martin
124 Security Resource-based Perspective on Slack and Data Breach WANG, QIAN
125 Security A Conceptual Model to Understand Privacy Concerns in a Social P2P Payment App Jozani, Mohsen
126 Security Using Cognitive Dissonance Theory to Explain Information Security Policy Violations Talebi, Nasim
127 Security C-R-P-M-I: A framework to model cyber risk from phishing and mitigation through insurance Biswas, Baidyanath
129 Security Communicating Compliance: Developing a GDPR Privacy Label Fox, Grace
130 Security Improving Security Message Adherence through Improved Comprehension: Neural and Behavioral Insights Anderson, Bonnie
131 Security Cyberbullying: Investigating the Roles of Power and Communication Medium Aivazpour, Zahra
132 Security Russian Roulette or A Game of Whack A Mole? Effect of Overconfidence in Protecting Information Systems King-Kizito, Kelvin
133 Security Moral and Subjective Norms: How do they Effect Information Security Compliance? Merhi, Mohammad
134 Security Investigating Privacy Concerns of Internet of Things (IoT) Users Menard, Philip
135 Security Organizations’ Proactive Information Security Behavior Ghahramani, Fereshteh
136 Security Can IoT Devices Be Trusted? An Exploratory Study Privitera, Donald
137 Semantics Ontologies CSSO: Ontology-Based Framework for Semantic Interoperatability Between Heterogeneous Web Sources kazi, Samreen
138 Semantics Ontologies Theory of Dataphoric Space Pritchard, Michael
139 Semantics Ontologies Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management: An Ontology-Based Conceptual Model Syed, Romilla
140 Semantics Ontologies Using Social Media Data to Improve Situational Awareness during Emergent Events Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond
141 Semantics Ontologies Extending Web Services with Agent Models and Patterns Aminu, Habibullah
142 Semantics Ontologies Towards an Ontology-Based Information System for Smart City Ecosystems Faber, Anne
143 Social Computing An Examination of the Incidental Emotions from Personal Use of Technology at Work Burleson, James
144 Social Computing Examining the Role of Information Quality, Relevance, Expertise in News Sharing on Social Media Bhagat, Sarbottam
145 Social Computing Social Media, Organisation-Community Relationships and Co-creation: A Case of Nonprofit Organizations Namisango, Fatuma
146 Social Inclusion Academic Career Advancement in IS: Does Gender Matter? Cao, Shiya
147 Social Inclusion A Look on the Generational Differences in IT Self-Service Engagement Zaza, Ibtissam
148 Social Inclusion Someone On My Level: How Women of Color Describe the Role of Teaching Assistants in Creating Inclusive Technology Courses Annabi, Hala
149 Social Inclusion Lack of Female Authorship in the High-Impact IS Journals: Where are the Women? Everard, Andrea
150 Social Inclusion An Analysis of Cultural Factors Influencing Career Persistence for Indian Women¬¥s  ICT Careers Venkatesan, Aparna
151 Social Inclusion Understanding the Factors that Hinder Online Civic Participation Kim, Hyerin
152 Social Inclusion The Untold Story: The Masked Experiences of Women with Autism Working in IT Annabi, Hala
153 Strategic IT How traditional incumbents react to sharing economy entrants? Evidence from the car industry Guo, Yue
155 Strategic IT The Determinant of Selfless Misuse Intention and the Role of System Resilience under the Context of Disasters Alsalman, Dheyaaldin
156 Strategic IT Conceptualizing IT Service Management as a Management Control System for Business-IT Alignment MacLean, Don
157 Strategic IT Digital Currencies & Cryptocurrencies as Alternative Providers of Institutional Trust Joshi, Mayur
158 Strategic IT First-Mover (Dis)Advantages of Investment in Innovative IT Applications: Lesson from ERP Adoption Chae, Ho-Chang
159 Strategic IT Predicting the Performance of Basketball Players Using Automated Personality Mining Ahmad, Rangina
160 Strategic IT The Complementarity between Information Technology Management and Human Resource Management Aljazzaf, Salman
161 Strategic IT Business Analytics Capability and Supply Chain Management Ramakrishnan, Thiagarajan
162 Virtual CC Talk your way to serial success: Creator post-campaign interaction in crowdfunding Fan-Osuala, Onochie
163 Virtual CC The Role of Emotional Intelligence Training in Moderating Conflict Resolution in Virtual Teams Alfahid, Ayman
164 Virtual CC Why Do Users Participate in Online Communities? The Effect of Motivational Affordances, Comments, and Peer Contribution on Continuance Chen, Langtao
165 Virtual CC The Impact of Online Consumption Communities on Crowdfunding Success HASSNA, Ghazwan
166 Virtual CC Disclosure of Stigmatized Sexual Health Issues in Online Support Communities Dincelli, Ersin
167 Virtual CC Bringing Dead Brands Back From the Grave: The Power of Social Media Almazyad, Fadi
168 Health Developing and testing a smartphone health application for older people to improve their mental health Erfani, Shadi