Venue: Hyatt Regency New Orleans – Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, strategically located near the historic French Quarter with access to the unique culture and food that the city represents

New Orleans represents one of the most vibrant and unique cities in America. According to the National Geographic Traveler, New Orleans is one of the top 20 most recommended places in the world to travel. Emerging from the rubble of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation from the British Petroleum oil spill, there is a hope that springs eternal within the city. What has emerged in the city is one of the most unique blends of food, music, and culture in the world that represents a unique travel experience for our colleagues to experience Southern Hospitality with a Cajun twist. Beyond a nightlife that is second to none, world-class restaurants, and tourist destinations for any interest, New Orleans is also seeing a resurgence within the technology sector. Both IBM and GE have recently announced major IT initiatives within the state and, in 2013, the number of films shot in Louisiana outnumbered those that were shot in Los Angeles, making Louisiana (and New Orleans, specifically) a destination for the entertainment and post-production industries. With New Orleans being one of the top destinations named by AIS members and one of the most affordable cities for both airline routes and hotel prices, the time is right for us to open the doors of the city to AMCIS so that we can proclaim: Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll).

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